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That would be mainly Doctor Who, a side of comedy, a budding affection/obsession with John Owen-Jones, a sprinkling of Sherlock, with Shakespeare for afters. You can leave before that point though. Not really that much Shakespeare actually, so no need to worry about that. Actually,ignore me saying Shakespeare. Just wipe it from your memory. Is it gone? Yes? Good, now we may continue

You are quite likely to see Tim Minchin, Alex Kingston, Russell Brand, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, anyone (literally anyone from Doctor Who), and Jimmy Carr

Not much else to say really

Feel free to talk to me any time

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Slytherin!Harry AU (x)

#slytherin harry would have been the ultimate choice from an authorial perspective #the chosen one coming out of a house disgraced by racism and the dark arts #a living testament to the fact that slytherin house is the fast track to greatness and that good or evil is a CHOICE #also harry already had a brush with slytherin during his sorting and can speak parseltongue and all that awesome stuff #because lets be real harry is brave as hell but hes also cunning, determined to survive #a little duplicitous #and thrives on praise #slytherin harry could be besties with ron AND close to draco #he could break down interhouse prejudice and be the bright light in a noble house that has fallen into darkness #he could put an end to the honestly awful griffyndor/slytherin bullying that GOES BOTH WAYS because screw this idea that you have to choose a side, that you have to compete with people who are different than you #and he could struggle with his inner demons the whole time #because characters that could easily go bad who get up every day choosing to be good will always be more important to me than inherently good ones

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a few years ago I went to a renaissance festival as merida and I passed out from heat exhaustion like I literally fell down and someone got pictures



please notice how my I still managed to hold my money and my pretzel

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actual Harry Potter

the awkward moment when the actor playing harry potter is a better representation of book harry potter than movie harry potter

This dork.

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every breath you take




i’ll be watching you

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where is the lie


where is the lie

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why am i only motivated to sort my life out at 4am

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jokes Americans won’t get

why wouldn’t americans get this post like we have buoys you know right???

didn’t u kno in america we call them MCDONALDS HAMBURGER OCEAN FLOATERS

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Passive aggressive Witch


I don’t curse people, I bless everyone around them.

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mission accomplished

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someone on here actually has the same kind of tummy as me and she looks beautiful and I started to cry a little because I never see pretty models with my tummy wow

the first model is everything holy shit

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791 plays


I think it’s about time to post this again. 

John Owen-Jones as Adolfo Pirelli in Sweeney Todd

Most perfect thing I’ve ever heard.

The man needs to do more Sondheim. 

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